The FFTCG Crystarium is a community driven platform for competitive players to share ideas and hone their skills.

While there are many great resources available for FFTCG already, there isn’t one yet which focuses solely on information both for and from competitive FFTCG players.

We at the Crystarium aim to be the one place people turn to for in-depth articles on the competitive side of the game.

If you’re a player on the competitive circuit and would like to share your ideas or event experiences, your submissions are welcome! We encourage everyone to submit, as long as it’s well written, falls within our topics and is useful information, it will find a home among good company here.

The Crystarium wont be monetized, so if you are a content creator and are looking to profit from articles this might not be the correct space for you.

We would encourage you to still submit articles, as we don’t mind if you plug your content within reason, especially if it is relevant and useful for the topic you’re covering.

If you would like to submit content to the Crystarium

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