With thanks to NLG Dandenong we at the Crystarium are excited to share a couple of Emissaries of Light spoilers with you and are happy to announce a return to Organized Play!

You can join as at NLG Dandenong this upcoming Saturday at 1:00PM for your chance to secure an invite to Nationals!

There will also be another chance for you secure an invite again on Saturday, April the 30th at 1:00PM in a L6 tournament!

Merald looks to be a great pressure card when paired with the other Morze’s Soiree Members, being able to both remove a problem forward and attack on the turn she’s played. Recent sets have showed us that tribal synergies can be supported quite well to create competitive decks, where Merald and the other Morze’s Soiree Members become interesting is that they all have different elemental affinity. Could it be an archetype like Manikins, spanning multiple elements or perhaps work alongside the recently spoiled Kirin and friends?

Demonolith looks to be exploring the territory that situational backups used to occupy. Raubahn was a common backup in a lot of decks for quite some time but as our choices broaden with each new release backup spots are at an absolute premium, Raubahn struggles to find a home these days. When that effect can take a spot in your 50 cards, it starts to look a lot more appealing.

At face value being able to scry for 1CP doesn’t look like much, but when it can improve your odds for EXburst, set up a target for Rosa, or even just naturally fit in to your curve, it ends up becoming some nice quality of life.