With thanks to NLG Dandenong we at the Crystarium are excited to share with you another Opus XIV spoiler in Proto fal’Cie Adam

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Proto fal’Cie Adam is a little unassuming at a glance, however if you can reliably meet the condition for the opponents hand size (which has historically been Ice’s specialty), this Chad will be swinging in for damage regularly at 9k first strike, with in built protection, for 3CP. Definitely makes a nice pairing with Physalis as they’re both aggressive cards with a similar requirement. An interesting part to how this protection works is that it protects Proto fal’Cie Adam from traditional two pronged removals that are typical for getting around problem cards, like Cuchulainn and an entry effect, since he comes with two Manipulator Counters to prevent their follow up play.

Thus far there aren’t many synergies, but being searchable in colour by Mog XIII-2 is always a big plus and for the FF XIII fans, he makes a great first attacker in combination with Snow backup. Traditionally there has been a lot of FF XIII within Ice, so this is one to keep an eye on with continued FF XIII support.

I’m looking forward to seeing how ice shapes up in Opus XIV, we’ll see you in the next one!