With thanks to NLG Dandenong we’re happy to introduce Keiss!

Norschtalen fans will be happy to see a 2CP backup in water and opening up Norschstalen a bit with the new dual element forwards is very welcome. This could help give rise to a Wind/Water/Ice list that runs Baralai and friends.

Now Keiss’ entry effect is an interesting one, though it’s quite limited being on a named backup it can inform a number of plays. If going for an attack it can let us know if we will be running head first into a detrimental EXBurst and either remove it if we are or openly attack without worry if not. On the other hand, Keiss can let us know if we have our own EX on the following turn and let us plan accordingly.

Keiss can also be played in combination with cards like Lani, Ultimecia and Golbez to increase our chances or inform our hits before committing to the play which is a welcome addition to these strategies.

Now for the active effect, we’ll need a refresher on Keiss’ partner Layle:

Keiss does a pretty great job of allowing Layle to swing through and use his effect for anyone that was looking to utilize Layle in the new set. They also look to be a great pairing for pre-release and draft alike.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, come visit us at NLG Dandenong on Saturdays at 1PM once restrictions lift, we’ve got a great group ready to sling some cardboard and would love to have you!