Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Yoh’s spoiler article! Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? That’s right, somehow, somewhy, I ended up with a spoiler, mostly thanks to me memeing about not having a spoiler. I can’t say I recommend everyone try that though, because I have a very special charm about myself, ya know?

Big thanks to Tim Schilder for making this whole thing happen and giving me the spoiler.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce to you my spoiler:

Alright, as the person all about the rules, I guess it makes sense to first focus on that aspect, right? WRONG. Let us first focus on this absolute unit’s pose. This prime sigma male stands ready for anything. With his mountain of earrings (to compensate for a lack of belts) he’s telling you that you cannot so easily pierce through his defence. Truly a wonder.

Only small issue is the feet. What is going on there? That doesn’t look normal, even for a Bangaa (I totally didn’t have to look that up.) Someone call a medical professional to sort this lad’s feet please.

Let us move on to rules stuff. While it’s not a very complex card in terms of effects, there are a couple things we can just make note of. Firstly, for the first ability, the enter the field auto-ability. While the entire search is optional (with the “may” text,) you can ALWAYS fail to find when you choose to search, even if you have a Headhunter (that isn’t called Gijuk) in your deck. Why would you do this? I have no idea, I’m not your keeper, you make your own choices in life. I’m only letting you know you can.

Looking at the action ability, the dull symbol means we can’t use this the turn it is played unless it’s given Haste, which is about as likely as Kageyama deciding to hear my years-long pleas to make Cadets Tier 1. We can all dream, but it’s probably not happening in any real world situation. But seriously Kageyama, if you want to give Cadets their dues, I’ll find a way to give this Haste, just for you. Please and thank you.

If I wanted to, I could probably chew on the small amount of rules meat here until my jaw hurts, but I think that’ll do it for now.

Now, we must look at the card overall and judge it, which is the usual fare with this sort of spoiler article content thing people do. I actually don’t hate it, funnily enough. I’m not expecting Headhunters to come out and dominate Opus XV in any way, but I guess we never truly know for sure until the entire set comes out, but that aside, at least we haven’t totally abandoned Counters coming into Opus XV where Crystals are the hot new thing. Having this card as a searcher makes it essentially cost 1CP, and we actually can have a Backup searching a Backup (thanks to Bwagi (15-015R)), and it tends to be a good time when cards can do that.

Unlike how Counters have been utilised in the past, the Headhunters in Opus XV are able to draw on their “Bounty Counters” from across your Characters, rather than just from themselves. With Ba’Gamnan (15-079R) and Bwagi (15-015R), Headhunters have access to 3 different abilities utilising Bounty Counters across Characters, and Gijuk saccs himself to give us 2 Counters. From these Counters, we can draw a card with Bwagi for 1 Counters (and dulling itself,) or give +2k to a Character from Ba’Gamnan (you can even remove both that Gijuk gives for +4k, if you’re feeling spicy.)

Looking over the list of Headhunters, it seems we are likely still to get a Rinok from Opus XV, to complete the set and give the last piece of the Bounty Counter Headhunter puzzle. It’ll be interesting to see how that impacts Headhunters once the dust settles on the whole set. Will Headhunters be a fun way to use Counters at locals? (Probably.) Will they dominate Opus XV? (Probably not.) Only time will tell.

Thanks to you reading this, because I know most people just see the spoiler and don’t look at the content around it, but if you did, you’re a real one, or you’re Lossley proofreading this (editors note: hi.) Either way, I appreciate you. Until next time, bye bye.

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“Wow, I can’t believe Cadets are actually the best deck of the format

– Me (In the future that should be, but may never be.)


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