Hello friends, and welcome to the greatest time of the year: spoiler season.

No one loves more than me insane speculation based off cards in vacuum, so let’s get into it with the spoiler I have for us all today, Cleome.

Major shout out to the best in the biz Colin Harris for providing this one.


Cleome is genuinely a pretty interesting rare, a low commitment forward that if left alone, generates value that can either protect or destroy board states. The +1k power means that if you let Cleome live a turn, she is capable of avoiding clean Brynhildr kills, while also serving a similar purpose to Arciela in the current meta, in protecting your value generation forwards.

Pushing a 9 or 8k forward to 10k killing them with damage source much harder, and also makes blocking/attacking math much more favourable for you.

The 1k damage is where the proactive half of Cleome can also be a bother, the same principle as before of making the thresholds harder hit, but now in reverse. Goblin plus 2 Melody counters being 5k, Brynhildr reaching to kill 7k forwards, split Bahamut being able to kill both Palom and Porom if they have lived a turn.

Obviously weaknesses come with her as well, being a 2cp forward means she is pretty easy to clean break with Thunder Drake type effects, and board clears like Matoya and Shantotto aren’t going to be affected by you playing with power and damage. A 5k forward is also not going to pressure much as a body herself, and is still quite weak to Brynhildr the turn you board her.

In summary, a searchable 2cp forward that has pretty decent utility and can present as a threat that must be dealt with before your other forwards in the right matchup. Solid card, cant wait to see more Resurgence of Power cards in the coming days, endless spoiler hype!