What’s happening peeps. It’s ya boii, Yoh Ceeza. Here with a brand new way to start articles that you probably hate, but a brand new series of articles that you WILL love. That’s not a choice. This is Rules Corner, where I’m going to be scouring the internet for questions and answering them here. Be they questions from Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, my emails, the dark web, or any other place, it doesn’t matter. I’ll aim to normally answer around 10 of the hottest, trendiest questions with every article, and try to get a Rules Corner article out every … 2 weeks? Maybe, depends on question frequency and…me. A lot more consistently than my Rules Processing series of articles anyway, that’s for sure. With this first Rules Corner article, I want to look at some Opus X questions. Typically I won’t be restricting myself to a general theme for questions, but for this one I will because this article is coming out around the time of Opus X, so it seems right to focus on that.


Question 1

Turn player’s Shuyin (6-112H) takes control of a non-turn player’s Forward via its auto-ability. Kefka (10-135S) attacks, turn player chooses the stolen Forward and another Forward on non-turn player’s field, they break. Can you pay 1 to draw from the stolen Forward going to the opponent’s Break Zone?

Answer 1

No. At the time the stolen Forward was sent to Break Zone, it was controlled by the turn player. It only goes back under control of the owner/non-turn player when it goes to Break Zone, thus it does not fulfil Kefka’s condition in this case. The other Forward broken by Kefka that the opponent did control will trigger the ability in this case though.


Question 2

If I control Onion Knight (III) (10-054C) and five Backups, each with a single Element, as follows:

  • Wind
  • Dark
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Water

Is Onion Knight (III) 2k or 8k power?

Answer 2

Onion Knight (III) is 2k power in this case. The text has recently been errata’d to be more clear. Also note that having Shantotto as your fourth or fifth Backup will completely prevent Onion Knight (III) from gaining the 6k, as it’s considered all Elements besides Light and Dark, meaning it’s impossible to have 3 or 4 other Elements that don’t match Shantotto’s.


Question 3

Does Suzuhisa (10-074C)’s auto-ability trigger from EX Bursts?

Answer 3

No, the trigger event of the auto-ability is completely ignored when applying an auto-ability’s effect(s) via EX Burst and it does not count as the auto-ability triggering. As a note, the parallel of this is Clione (4-125C) which does not trigger if a Summon’s EX Burst is used, because using the Summon’s effect in this way is not considered as “casting” the Summon.


Question 4

I control Ramza (10-138S). My opponent controls Twilight Odin (5-101H) and Aerith (3-050L). I use Ramza’s action ability, targeting Twilight Odin. My opponent stacks Twilight Odin’s action ability to become a Forward on top. Once this resolves, and Twilight Odin becomes a Forward, will Ramza’s action ability “fizzle”?

Answer 4

Yes. When Ramza’s action ability would resolve, it’ll check that Twilight Odin is still a legal target. However, due to it becoming a Forward, it now has protection via Aerith’s field ability, and therefore it is no longer a legal target, and thus Ramza’s action ability will be removed from the stack (aka fizzle).


Question 5

If my opponent controls Feolthanos (10-098L) and I cast Diabolos (5-062L), am I forced to select “Choose 1 Forward of cost 5 or more. Break it” or can I choose, for example, to activate all Forward and Backups?

Answer 5

You can select any of the actions you like, you are only forced to choose Feolthanos if you select to use “Choose 1 Forward of cost 5 or more. Break it” but you are free to select the options you please.


Question 6

I control Terra (10-132S), can I cast Ramuh (5-117C) on a Forward and then have Terra stack on top to deal damage to the Forward first? Or does the Forward need to be damaged already for me to be able to cast Ramuh?

Answer 6

It needs to be damaged first. The Forward is chosen before you can successfully cast Ramuh, and it’s required that a damaged Forward be chosen.


Question 7

I control Terra (10-132S) and an active Magic Pot (4-094R). I cast Brynhildr (1-023R), choosing a Forward with 11k power. Terra’s auto-ability triggers and goes on top of the stack. If I use Magic Pot’s action ability, using Terra, and bring out Terra (9-029C), will the Forward take 9k at resolution from Brynhildr?

Answer 7

Yes! Magic Pot will resolve first, bringing out Terra (9-029C). Then, Terra (10-132S)’s auto-ability on the stack will resolve, dealing 2k to the Forward. Finally, Brynhildr will resolve, dealing 9k to the Forward, thus breaking it because it has been dealt a total of 11k damage. Probably not the most efficient combo ever, but it does work at least!


Question 8

The turn player controls Wol (5-075L) and has entered their Attack Phase. They choose to stop EX Bursts as one of the effects from Wol’s auto-ability. If I, as the non-turn player, take damage and Cu Sith (10-068C) is the card placed in damage, can I apply it’s EX Burst effect and choose a Forward?

Answer 8

You can. Wol’s effect to stop Forwards being chosen by EX Burst applies only to Forwards on the field, so you can retrieve a Forward from Cu Sith’s effect.


Question 9

My opponent and I each control a Suzuhisa (10-074C). An auto-ability triggers, what happens?

Answer 9

Suzahisa was recently errata’d to prevent an infinite loop, meaning each will only trigger once. So in this case, let’s say it’s an auto-ability of a Character controlled by the turn player that triggers, first the non-turn player’s Suzuhisa will trigger, then the turn player. When it comes time to put these three triggered auto-abilities on the stack, first the turn player chooses the order of their two auto-abilities, then the non-turn player puts their Suzuhisa on top. Basically, when multiple auto-abilities are to be placed on the stack, the turn player chooses the order for their auto-abilities first and places them on the stack, then the non-turn player chooses the order for their auto-abilities and places them on the stack.


Final Question

I bring out Sakura (10-092C) from Al-Cid (2-097H)’s auto-ability. Do I draw 2 cards?

Final Answer

Sigh. Man am I sick of seeing this question already. If you really don’t know, go read this article from Esufer on condition auto-abilities, he updated it to cover this exact question just recently. However, the short answer is no, at the time Sakura enters the field, Al-Cid hasn’t dealt damage, and when Sakura checks if she’s fulfilled the condition to trigger (you opponent controls a damaged Forward), this isn’t true, so she doesn’t ever trigger, since things resolve in the order written, they DO NOT happen at the same time and Sakura’s auto does not wait until it’s time for it to go on the stack to check if there is a damaged Forward on the opponent’s board, it checks immediately when she enters the field.

Final Word

You’ve now reached the end of the first Rules Corner, congrats. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this format of articles, but if not, oh well. Anyway, I don’t have much else to say for now, catch ya next time.

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