With thanks to NLG Dandenong we at the Crystarium are excited to share with you a couple of Opus XV spoilers in the latest iteration of Kazusa, and a new addition to the Sin Hunter Archetype, Shikaree G!

We’re finally getting vaccinated in Melbourne, which has us on our way back to some normalcy and for me personally, I’m stoked to be getting back to regular play! If you have your second dose and are in Melbourne, you should join us on Saturdays at NLG Dandenong from 1:00PM, we’ve got a great group of regulars and would love to have you join!

When trying to push Mono Ice in recent sets, something that has always caused an issue was that it’s just really difficult to break problematic forwards. Kazusa is here to offer a new way for us to do just that. While it is still a conditional way to break a forward, it feels much less so than the Zaleras. Kazusa is a nice tool for ice to have in it’s back pocket as we move forward.

Sin Hunters are here again, not willing to be left by the wayside! It feels like a lifetime since the Opus XII OTK I was working on. Shikaree G comes in much more expensive than his XYZ buddies, and while he isn’t adding to the value combo, coming in with haste and completely unblockable should be chipping in some damage you otherwise can’t, perhaps pushing Sin Hunters toward a more aggressive approach.

Back in Opus XII it wasn’t uncommon for Bartz to make a showing and extend the value that Sin Hunters offered. Now it’s possible with both Bartz and all of the Shikarees, to effectively run 18 Sin Hunters with this latest addition.

The Sin Hunter archetype has gotten some nice tools in recent times; Sterne, Bismarck and Rosa just to name a few. So far at least for Opus XV, Edge looks to be a nice piece of protection for anything looking to combo in Wind, so I’m looking forward to trying Sin Hunters in Opus XV.

Can’t wait to sink my teeth into Opus XV!